hlfs test suite & gradm2, logging

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Fri Aug 31 00:50:52 PDT 2007

As a testimonial to all involved, my SVN-20070820 build is online
serving my pages with no issues to date. The book is righteous.

I have two queries.

RE: HLFS test suite; During the build, tests are very important. After a
build is finished and booting, testing is even more important. A
comprehensive test suite is needed to validate the final product.

RE: grsec; I am curious as to why the void regarding gradm2?
This seems like an important component for security configuration.
Is there a problem I have not yet discovered?

RE: logging; Good log management is a basic with any server type system.
A unmanaged 1G+ kern.log or sys.log is unacceptable to any sysadmin.
Logrotate needs to be brought into this build as an integral component.
This is not even in the BLFS tree... It should be IMHO.

Marty B.


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