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Wed Aug 29 03:46:44 PDT 2007

> There are three patches on the GCC bugzilla page. I don't know if they work. 
> The bug is marked as 'suspended'. It looks like there's debate on whether 
> this is a GCC bug or Libtool bug.
Really good reading Robert; that complaint has been around a while. I
hadn't considered the implications of using a network mount for the
build dir.
I would stay away from those mentioned patches for now. This is NOT a
LFS/HLFS problem!!! Lets not break the build over this.
Currently I am testing by passing 'libtool' some obscure flags early-on
in config to eliminate the duplicates, and the build references. In the
meantime, my last build is running fine and that is a really good thing.
Marty B

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