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I send this url to lfs-chat, but I'm quite proud of it so I'm sending it here 

These are some photos of skunks I photographed in the last 8 days. I took 
about 200 photo's, but many of them turned out poorly because it was dark.

I developed a few rules for skunk observation and photography:

#1 - Never touch a skunk. They generally do not come in contact with other 
skunks or animals, and if you touch it then it will flip out. Skunks are the 
largest carrier of rabies, and have teeth like a cat. Touching a skunk can 
result in not only being sprayed, but a rabies infection too, and a bacteria 
infection from the bite.

#2 - Move slowly. Skunks have very poor vision. Try to move when the skunk is 
looking in another direction.

#3 - If a skunk looks you in the eye, they realized how large you are. Your 
observations are done with this skunk because they see you as a predator now. 
Take one or two steps backwards away from the skunk,  then stay still. They 
should run away on their own, do not pursue them.

The majority of skunks are docile. You can get to within an inch of them if 
you do it slowly, and help the skunk realize you're not trying to eat them.

#4 - Never lose situational awareness. Skunks tend to be in the same area, 
where they can find food. Skunks hate eachother, and will face off if they 
see eachother to claim territory. Before walking backwards, look behind you. 
Once per minute look around for other skunks, or other animals, which can 
aggravate your skunk. If you see another animal, give yourself some room from 
your skunk (about 2-3 meters/yards).

#5 - Skunks are slow. If you didn't surprise the skunk, then they will give 
you warning before they spray you... they will raise their tail, then turn so 
their rear-end is facing you, before spraying. This gives you a good 2-3 
seconds to retreat.

Other than that, I love this hobby. I feel like the crocodile hunter.

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