HLFS SVN 20070708 Chapter 6.10.1 Glibc Build

Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Aug 10 21:24:57 PDT 2007

I made a lot of changes today, mainly new package versions but some others. 
I'm at Inetutils now, with glibc and linux-2.6. Some patches might be 
missing... they get updated in the next few hours. You should have no problem 
getting passed the toolchain in chapter 6.

Glibc was bumped to 2.5.1, but if you have 2.5 in /tools already it should be 
okay. 2.5.1 is pretty much an official release of the branch update patch. 
There was a symlink added for /bin/echo for a glibc test, try to do that. The 
kernel was downgraded to linux- to match grsecurity's version, but as 
long as you didn't use --enable-kernel=2.6.22 with Glibc then that should be 
okay too.


On Friday August 10 2007 11:54:08 pm Wonkey Donkey wrote:
> Well i have both systems (2) up to the point where I have completed the
> temporary build and done the chroot, created the directories and mounted
> the necessary stuff.
> I will give it another go in the morning and see where I get from there.
> I'll say one thing. Theres no lack of effort to try and get this working
> and make good use of this project. Heres hoping :)
> Steve.

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