HLFS SVN 20070708 Chapter 6.10.1 Glibc Build

Jason Stevens jastev at alumni.rice.edu
Fri Aug 10 10:50:35 PDT 2007

Wonkey Donkey wrote:
> Ok, thanks for the info and checking guys.
> The fact this has reproduced itself a number of times suggests I am 
> typing in something incorrectly. At least the error is consistent.
> I'm assuming at this point that it is something I have typed incorrectly 
> during the Chapter 6 glibc setup, as everything up to this point has 
> worked as described.
> I shall return to the beginning of the glibc build in this section and 
> try again. Failing that, I will try lifting the input off the web page 
> into some text files, to copy over to the build system and see how that 
> goes.

I see that jhalfs-2.3 was released on 7/29, and appears to have been
tested against HLFS-20070708 (actually, against "Development SVN", which
I assume would have had that version in it at that time).

Try auto-building it and see if you get the same error.  I know that
this corrected a hard-to-find typo of mine some time ago.


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