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Alex Merry alexander.merry at ccc.ox.ac.uk
Thu Sep 28 07:31:31 PDT 2006

On Thursday 28 September 2006 15:14, Robert Baker wrote:
> I definately understand your point of view on the kernel versions. I
> am just wondering if you think there is a good reason not to include
> the reccommended gcc-2.95.3 for compiling the kernel.If your just
> saying it should be fine without it I still think we should follow
> the reccommendations of the kernel devs and use it. Better safe than
> sory.

I don't know at exactly what point that recommendation went out of date, 
but it certainly sat in the kernel documentation directory long after 
it no longer applied. I think it was due to the relative instability of 
the early gcc 3 series rather than anything else.

Alex :-)

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