Status of HLFS project

Robert Baker bobb at
Fri Sep 22 13:21:51 PDT 2006

Just to let all of you guys know I have been successfull thus far in
adapting the SVN-20060717 book to use the 2.4 kernel. So far this is the
only change I am making to the book. (As well as the headers, and
dropping Uclibc from the book for the moment) However I am wondering if
I should use a particular version of 2.4 to install the headers from. Or
will the version we build the kernel from be best. I have been building
my current system against headers, and it seems to work. But I
did notice this snippet in the book:

The Linux-Headers package contains the “sanitized” kernel headers.

So it looks like using certain headers for security reasons is better.
Near as I could tell from my googling, and reading earlier versions of
the LFS book linux-2.4 does not have a linux-libc-header package. Please
correct me if I am wrong.

Other than the kernel version, build instructions, and header install
instructions the package versions in the SVN-20060717 book seem to be
right on track with what you were suggesting. I did notice you reference
downgrading shadow-utils. Were you suggesting shadow-4.0.17 with
bugfixes, or were you thinking even earlier versions?

As for fixing test-suite warnings/errors I have a feeling that will be a
leangthy process, but I am happy to be a part of that process. Maybe
once I show you the adaptations I have made we can start this branch off
as HLFS-Testing. Aside from the minor package version changes we may
find necessary, and the bugfixes that will inevitably come out for
various packages we can do a package freeze. Then it will be a simple
matter of fixing the test suite issues.

As it stands now I am still ontrack to show my changes to you sometime
this weekend. (Not much has changed but it is progress none the less.)

Any other suggestions from you guys are welcome.

Robert Baker
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