Status of HLFS project

Robert Connolly robert at
Wed Sep 20 18:25:24 PDT 2006

Great :-) I can't wait to see.


On Tuesday 19 September 2006 17:37, Robert Baker wrote:
> 	Well I have about the same schedule as you Robert, but I am willing to
> throw my hat in the ring to help maintain HLFS-Stable. I have a big
> interest in seeing that we can work out a hardened system capable of being
> used for stable server environments. I think that starting another branch
> for Stable is exactly what needs to happen. I am more than willing to sink
> a good 10-20 hrs a week into maintaining, and I have allready begun working
> on a branch of the SVN-20060717 build of HLFS. I am taking your suggestions
> at face value, and making the required adaptations to work from a more
> stable package set. I will have my edited HLFS-Book ready for review
> sometime this weekend time permitting.
> Hopefully we can get the ball rolling here, and I would love to help out
> with what time I have to do so.
> Robert Baker
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