Robert Connolly robert at
Mon Sep 18 21:17:44 PDT 2006

I'm considering adding an HLFS/scripts, or maybe HLFS/extra, directory to svn, 
but I'm not sure the consequences of that (I'm not aware of how mirrors would 
deal with it). A core-system testsuite more comprehensive than paxtest is on 
my todo list, and it would belong in a trunk subdir (like LFS does with 
bootscripts). It's nice to have svn/cvs record keeping of changes. I'm 
planning to bug a friend to setup an svn server for me for some small 
projects, like npatch (which may be renamed to SuperPatch, or Patch-utils, w/ 
tar-1.15 style automated (de)compression detection and armored 
gpg/openssl/hash support options in patch(1) and diff(1)), standalone 
libarc4random, BusyZip (gzip/bzip2/lzma from BusyBox with shared 
zlib/libbz2/liblzma support), and who knows what else. Perhaps this md5sum 
script can go on that server too.


On Monday 18 September 2006 13:18, Jan Dvořák wrote:
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> Hi Alex,
> > Anyway, this is altogether too deep a discussion over the adding of a
> > simple option :-P
> That option is there since you noticed that first time... :]
> 	Anyway, current version can be found at
> <>.
> # EOF
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