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Sun Sep 17 13:03:42 PDT 2006

On Sunday 17 September 2006 20:04, Jan Dvořák wrote:
> >> Get new attached version and if you have some spare time, check it

Haven't done any thorough checking, but it seems to work. Just a few 
things about the help:

>         (help)
>                 cat <<EOT
> Usage: ${0##*/} [OPTION] [FILE]...
> Print or check file checksums using openssl's message digest
> algorythms. With no FILE, or when FILE is -, read standard input.

It's algorithms (no y).

>   -b, --binary            read in binary mode
>   -c, --check             read digest sums from the FILEs and check
> them -t, --text              read in text mode (default)
> Following options are specific to this particular script and are not
> supported by original md5sum and sha1sum executables:

This suggests --status, --help and --version are particular to the 

"The following two options are specific..." would be better.

>   -d, --digest            Selects digest to use, use \`${0##*/}
> --list-digests\` to get list of all suported digests. If evoked as
> md5sum, defaults to md5, same for others.
>   -l, --list-digests      Lists available digests. This depends on
> openssl's output formatting and may not be reliable.
> The following two options are useful only when verifying checksums:

You haven't included the --warn option. Either the warn option needs to 
do something (and be included in the help), or "two" should be removed 
from the previous sentence.

>       --status            don't output anything, status code shows
> success
>       --help     display this help and exit
>       --version  output version information and exit
> The default mode is to print a line with checksum, a character
> indicating type (\`*' for binary, \` ' for text), and name for each

You might want to include the following line (which is in the help 
output for md5sum):

When checking, the input should be a former output of this program.

> Report bugs to <hlfs-dev at>.

Alex :-)

Computer Monkey to the Pelican,,
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