netbsd's patch(1)

Robert Connolly robert at
Sun Sep 17 09:06:40 PDT 2006

I started to package it, with autotools:

I added strlcat.c, strlcat.h, strlcpy.c, and strlcpy.h, so everyone can use it 
(configure needs to check if you have them in libc). I used the strlcat from 
openbsd because netbsd's has assertions checking, and needs modification to 
work with Linux. I'm adding gcc4 stuff, like fortify_source and -fpie, to 
configure. And I fixed the -Dlint thing. I'm planning to call it 'npatch' 
(netbsd patch).

It compiles with '-format=2 -Wshadow -Wall -Werror -Wfatal-errors' btw.


On Sunday 17 September 2006 04:54, Jan Dvořák wrote:
> Hi,
> > gcc patch.c pch.c inp.c version.c util.c backupfile.c -o patch -Dlint
> I've created Makefile.linux, check it out...
> > Using this Patch would of course make Glibc's strlcpy patch non-optional.
> Well, is it *that* big problem?
> # EOF
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