Jan Dvořák mordae at
Sun Sep 17 03:24:32 PDT 2006

Hi again,

>>> Why don't build OpenSSL sooner and make them use it instead?
>> OpenSSL's md5 could replace Coreutils' md5sum with a shell script. OpenSSL and 
>> md5sum have slightly different output however:
> OK, seams reasonable. We just add optional coreutils patch, that
> replaces md5sum with our script and prevent coreutils' md5sum build.
I don't have the patch yet, but try out this script. It cannot handle
some options (--warn, --binary, -text), but seems to be compatible. It
uses part before "sum" in executable name to tell digest.

md5sum	- openssl dgst -md5
sha1sum	- openssl dgst -sha1
helloworldsum	- openssl dgst -helloworld

After lunch, I'll have a look at coreutils.


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