Status of HLFS project

Jason Stevens jastev at
Thu Sep 14 14:38:47 PDT 2006

Robert Connolly wrote:
> I'm sorry to say I'm much better being an hlfs-unstable maintainer than 
> hlfs-stable maintainer. I'd love to have hlfs-stable, but I never stop 
> finding things to break/fix :-) If releasing hlfs-stable is a priority then 
> it would be a good idea to create a second branch which removes the 
> half-working stuff and stabilizes the rest. I honestly don't see an end to 
> the instability without a second maintainer :-\

I have interest in a production-capable -stable branch, and time to 
donate.  What I have less of is skill, but I'd like to change that :)

I'd be happy to do grunt work under the direction of someone more 
experienced, to further this end.  I've built HLFS (and played around 
with a lot of homegrown variations) many times now, and followed the 
list for a year or so.

Let me know how I can help,


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