Status of HLFS project

Jan Dvořák mordae at
Thu Sep 14 13:54:53 PDT 2006


>>> It's active, but I seem to be the only maintainer and I work 55 hours
>>> per week.
>> I don't have exactly *much* time either, but I'd like to help you. Alas,
>> I'm not much C-positive. So, first I'm going to study new HLFS features
>> and then I'll build to see how it goes.
> Well I'd like to say that I'm a _Happy_ HLFS user for 2 years now and
I only for about 1 year.

> I have a few years of experience with general programming (Pascal/FPC),
> a year and a half of C, around six months with java. In scripting
> languages I know bash, php and the general html/dhtml/css/js.
I am BASH-positive. About PHP... PHP/5.1, 5.2-dev, 6.0-dev installed...
Most of my time in PHP for more then two years. Some time spent on Java,
but it's all the same. I've even done some C, but never got to C++ as I
didn't need to.

> Is there an official TODO list that we could read trough and choose
> things to do that would suit Our experience?
Yeah, give us chance to participate. Let's bring it to real life! There
are some things I'd like to see in HLFS... Xorg/7.1, latest udev and
UTF-8 for ncurses. Non-english locales sucks (and I'm from Czechia).


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