Status of HLFS project

Łukasz Hejnak szift at
Thu Sep 14 10:54:05 PDT 2006

Jan Dvořák napisał(a):
> Hi,
>> It's active, but I seem to be the only maintainer and I work 55 hours per 
>> week.
> I don't have exactly *much* time either, but I'd like to help you. Alas,
> I'm not much C-positive. So, first I'm going to study new HLFS features
> and then I'll build to see how it goes.

Well I'd like to say that I'm a _Happy_ HLFS user for 2 years now and 
I'd also like to help. I already provided a mirror for www/ftp/live-cd 
on my HLFS-driven server, but due to some changes at my ISP, I had to 
cancel that for a while. Right now I'll be reactivating the www mirror 
but if I could help in other ways, I'd be glad to.
I have a few years of experience with general programming (Pascal/FPC), 
a year and a half of C, around six months with java. In scripting 
languages I know bash, php and the general html/dhtml/css/js.

Is there an official TODO list that we could read trough and choose 
things to do that would suit Our experience?

Lukasz 'Szift' Hejnak

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