-ffast-math + Mesa

Vladimir A. Pavlov pv4 at bk.ru
Thu Sep 7 11:39:14 PDT 2006

On Thursday 07 September 2006 22:33, Vladimir A. Pavlov wrote:
> I run the test from Gentoo machine. Gentoo patch makes uname just
> read the processor name from /proc/cpuinfo so Gentoo version of uname
> depends on /proc that's what I don't like.
> It seems that the patch for this behavior is the attached one
> (extracted from coreutils-5.94-patches-1.2.tar.bz2/patch/generic)
> though I'm not sure (I haven't time to check this). You can also
> search for something like coreutils-VERSION-patches... at
> http://distfiles.gentoo.org/distfiles/.


The patch attached is already in LFS patches project :) Good work!


Sorry for the unneccessary attachment :(

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