compress utilities

Robert Connolly robert at
Tue Sep 5 12:12:05 PDT 2006

there are copies of gzexe, zdiff, zforce, zmore, and znew shell scripts (from 
the Gzip package). Unlike the ones from the Gzip package these are not 
particularly portable to some systems, like SysV or SunOS, but they look like 
they will work in Linux. They're also actively maintained. The last cvs 
commit to the gzexe script added routines to check that we're not compressing 
files we need to decompress, like chmod, echo, sh, rm, basename, gzip, 
mktemp, and tail, as well as any programs in /bin or /sbin, and also check 
for hardlinks to these files. The paths to some of these programs needs to be 
altered for Linux, but otherwise the script should work. Several of these 
scripts also use mktemp.

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