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Kevin Day thekevinday at
Mon Sep 4 19:15:54 PDT 2006

On 9/4/06, Rogelio M. Serrano Jr. <rogelio at> wrote:
> which is the best uclibc snapshot?
> before i start compiling each snapshot since 2006 08 19.

Technically, that depends on what system you have and what goal you
have (you'll have to do some researching based on their posix and
other tests that they run on every snapshot).

You can find nightly snapshot logs on the matter here:
You can search through the mailing lists for stored logs:

Overall, I have never found a uClibc snapshot compile cleanly and am
quite surprised (and happy) that the HLFS team found a well working
uClibc snapshot.

Trust the version on the HLFS book.  It is surprisingly clean compiling.

Some more notes:
I have been looking into segfault/memory leak problems and having been
thinking it was uClibc:
Which means that some did exist and are fixed.  So trying versions
after that may be safer. The 20060817 snapshot was released sometime
after that post, and uClibc is currently boasting the 20060819
snapshot, so it should not contain the memory leak.

Here is the HLFS's snapshot choice stats:

And here is the most recent:

Have Fun.
Kevin Day

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