hlfs-dev Digest, Vol 570, Issue 1

Robert Baker bobb at netslyder.net
Fri Jun 30 07:45:45 PDT 2006

Yes following BLFS instructions works flawlessly, however the version of
iptables that is linked to by BLFS did not have policy match support. So
my problem  was that I was applying a patch to gain that feature when I
just needed to snag a new version that had it built in. I realise that
now in retrospect.

 sfaulborn at web.de  wrote:

>SI always have compiled iptables according to the instructions in BLFS
>and have never had any problems. They say that you must NOT have any
>unpacked kernel sources - especially not in /usr/src/linux. There is
>no need to use KERNEL_DIR=.
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