initramfs loopaes

Warren Wilder wipwap19 at
Mon Jun 26 17:35:14 PDT 2006

 > There are problems with "early user space" a.k. initramfs - it causes
 > kernel panics. I am back to initrd.
 > Loop-AES crashes with AES cipher (though not with serpent - which is
 > more secure anyway). I
 > assume this is because I have PAX/kexec enabled in the kernel.
 > Sebastian Faulborn
 > Homepage:

I was just busy setting this up, when I read that. Can you explain a bit
more about your kernel version, loop-aes version and specific kernel oops?
I am setting this up because I want to make use of suspend2 with an
encrypted swapfile, and perhaps encrypted root as well (some day or never).

( it's all pretty much explained here: )

I wouldn't like to hear that this is a simple no go on a HLFS system,
but I would like to know before spending more time on this :-) .
Currently I am using with loop-aes 3.1d, if that matters at all.

Cheers, Warren

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