Chap 6.3 gcc-3.4.5/libstdc++-v3/configure can't find src/

Aaron Miller armantic101 at
Thu Jun 22 15:12:14 PDT 2006


I am working though Chapter 6 in Hardened Linux From Scratch - Version
SVN-20060510 and I ran into a strange problem when I try to make gcc.

if [ -f stmp-dirs ]; then true; else touch stmp-dirs; fi
make[2]: Leaving directory `/tools/gcc-build/gcc'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tools/gcc-build/gcc'
Checking multilib configuration...
multilib.out is unchanged
Configuring in /libstdc++-v3
configure: error: cannot find sources (src/ in ../../../gcc-3.4.5/libstdc
make: *** [configure-target-libstdc++-v3] Error 1

Now I am pretty new to Linux so I apologize if the answer might seem obvious to
some people, but why is the configure trying to go back 3 levels of
directories to
find the source?

If it goes back 3 levels from /tools/gcc-3.4.5/libstdc++-v3 would that
not try and find
the source in '/gcc-3.4.5/libstdc++-v3/src'? I found the section in
the libstdc++
configure file that does the test, but I didn't really understand what
I needed to change to only go back 2 directories when testing if the
source is present.

Could anyone point me in the Right direction? google returned 0 results.

Thanks for your time!

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