Xorg7.1, uClibc, glx, and mallocretunrsnull

Declan Moriarty junk_mail at iol.ie
Tue Jun 20 23:11:01 PDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-06-20 at 14:15 -0500, Kevin Day wrote:
> Okay, I have just gone through and installed Xorg 7.1 on my gcc-4.1.1
> system.  (temporarily back to non-ssp given the current problems with
> libssp)
> First of fall, I have a serious problem/regression? with glx.so under
> this system.
> I cannot for the life of me figure out how to go about solving this, so
> I am asking for suggestions on what approaches to take to find and
> resolve this issue as well as any ideas you people might have.
>   when I type startx Xorg, the computer freezes.
>   I traced the problem to libglx.so under lib/X11/extensions.
>   The Xorg log file shows that the last long entry was loading of the
> glx.so.
>   The monitor blanks and the machine locks so I have to do a
> hard-reboot to get back.
>   I renamed the libglx.so to libglx.so.was to prevent it from being
> found and xorg starts without crashins...just not direct rendering
> possible..
>   I tried GDB, but GDB gets caught up in the lock as well and helps not
> at all.

I have Xorg-6.9.0 here with DRI enabled and working in HLFS-20051220. I
still haven't overwritten it.  All hardening is in there. You are
welcome to a real libglx.so.

I would regress versions. The DRI stuff is aimed at gamers, not security
minded people. I can bet you it was never tested with gcc-4.1 either.
Have we TEXTRELs or assembler in there?

If you find an earlier version works, you can scan the source of each
and find probably find it. 

FWIW the RHEL I do my work in ATM announces it has DRI, has no
libglx.so, but has a frame rate that would be bettered by a Z80. The
gears chunk around - 250 FPS :-((. Anyhow it uses libglx.a

The key in getting DRI for me was not using the binary downloads
supplied, but in getting X to build the relevant files and NOT
overwriting them. Are you still on a radeon/ATI card?

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