Intel's compiler -fstack-security-check

Robert Connolly robert at
Mon Jun 19 20:29:45 PDT 2006

Hi. I just noticed that Intel's (closed source, free license for 
non-commercial use, $399 for commercial license, linked to Glibc) compiler 
has an -fstack-security-check option:

$ icc -o test test.c -fstack-security-check
$ ./test
error:  Buffer overrun occurred, forced exit

It behaves very similar to stack smashing protector. Intel's CC doesn't have 
anything comparable to GCC's libmudflap or fortify_source, but I thought I'd 
share this surprising Intel option. -fstack-security-check works in Windows 

BTW, for non-security desktop systems I've found Intel's compiler to work very 
well. Everything in the LFS base can compile with ICC except Glibc (partially 
supported, partially broken / unmaintained), Procps, and Grub.


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