kernel compile oddity.

Robert Connolly robert at
Tue Jun 13 19:49:44 PDT 2006

It looks like -fno-stack-protector-all isn't an option in gcc-4.1. Use 
-fno-stack-protector instead. I guess this means we can't use 
'-fstack-protector -fno-stack-protector-all', but that's no big loss. The 
gcc-4.1 implementation has a few differences compared to IBM's. The "*" could 
come out of the gcc specs, but for now it doesn't harm anything.

Thanks for reporting this, I didn't notice it.


On June 13, 2006 09:43 pm, George Boudreau wrote:
> Robert,
> I finally got around to finishing a hlfs compile using your notes. All
> is well until I reached the kernel compile. I receive an error
> complaining about -fno-stack-protector-all being invalid.
> I had a poke through the gcc specs file but nothing jumps out at me. If
> if I change the script to this:
> 	make CC="gcc -no-pie -fno-stack-protector"
> it does not complain and the kernel builds.
> George

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