Robert Connolly robert at
Sun Jul 23 07:41:37 PDT 2006

Hi. Chapter 5's toolchain is working now, with -fPIE -DFORTIFY_SOURCE=2, etc:

I noticed Ncurses and Bash have lots of configure options. Ncurses has 
assertions checking and tons of debugging options, I added --enable-warnings 
for now, -Werror could be added if a couple 'unused parameter' warnings could 
be fixed. Bash has --with-purify to use the Purify memory allocation checker, 
and an interesting --enable-strict-posix-default option. They both support 
profiling too. See the INSTALL files.

make-3.81 compiles with -Wall -Werror.

The only package I'm worried about now is Glibc in chapter 6, and it might be 
fine, other than that its downhill now.

I'm thinking to commit NEO to svn if Glibc in chapter 6 installs, with a 
warning on the first page that the book is probably broken in some places. 
uClibc will be broken for sure. But then we can start getting more feedback 
and things can get fixed faster.

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