HLFS with debian package manager

Aki Tuomi cmouse at desteem.org
Sun Jul 23 00:48:20 PDT 2006

I have been experimenting with debian package manager to make HLFS
system upkeep easier. So far I've gotten into the few first basic
packages, due to having a very slow test machine. 

Few extra packages need to be installed during temporary system
setup, mainly you have to install full perl suite, few packages from
CPAN (Archive::Tar, Compress::Zlib and so forth...) and few extra things
that you can discover from the debian page. 

It does indeed take a lot more time if you do it this way, because you
have to create the debian/ structure. There are also some funny things
about setting up your repository before dpkg works. 

So anyways, if anyone is interested in this idea, I can make proper
documentation during the next time I do this, slow machines are not
a good idea for doing this, especially if they stuck up into one command
for several days... 

Aki Tuomi
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