Stability and debugging

Peter Ennis peterennis at
Fri Jul 21 08:57:00 PDT 2006

I run 2 LFS systems just for compiling and script
development and testing using the base OS of FC4, FC5 and
plan to set up another for the upcoming FC6.
CLFS/HLFS is my planned migration/development path.

If this email gets through then I am interested to
help in this area (LFS mail has been bouncing my
yahoo messages for months and the spam filters have
not been fixed).

My interest would be for daily rebuilds, if it can be
completed that quickly on the current machines I have.
Then move towards a buildsystem email report list
such as used by Fedora and/or some database integration
for results analysis. I have been considering SQLite 3.


>However there may be some of us willing to devote test systems
>which run hlfs with all possible debugging, either running some
>network services, or perhaps weekly rebuilds 

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