Stability and debugging

Sebastian Faulborn sfaulborn at
Fri Jul 21 03:12:26 PDT 2006

>>Here's the work-in-progress BROKEN glibc-book (xml source, html objects, and 
>>new patches):
>> <>

Thanks! Excellent work!

>>I would also like to install Valgrind in /tools...
>>Valgrind, and Lint/Splint, can also be used later to test the rest of our 

I think this would be an excellent idea. However the work to maintain
2 seperate books is error-prone.

Wouldn't it be possible to have one book with the option to enable checks
or not? Eg. have some shell variable set at the beginning of the book.

For example:

valgrind --leak-check=yes myprog arg1 arg2

now valgrind could be a shell script which dependand on the shell variable
will either call the real valgrind or just calls myprog directly, etc.

Sebastian Faulborn

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