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Fri Jul 21 01:36:44 PDT 2006

On July 19, 2006 03:49 am, Declan Moriarty wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-07-19 at 01:14 -0400, Robert Connolly wrote:
> > I finally found out what --with-pic is for. From autobook documentation:
> >
> > ---
> > `--with-pic'
> > In normal operation, Libtool will build shared libraries from PIC objects
> > and static archives from non-PIC objects, except where one or the other
> > is not provided by the target host. By specifying `--with-pic' you are
> > asking libtool to build static archives from PIC objects, and similarly
> > by specifying `--without-pic' you are asking libtool to build shared
> > libraries from non-PIC objects.
> > libtool will only honour this flag where it will produce a working
> > library, otherwise it reverts to the default.
> That will change a few things, I imagine.

It's a nice configure switch, and it's nice to finally know what it does, but 
since GCC is already passing -fPIC to everything it's not very usefull to us. 
I added it to the pass1 tools though.

Today's NEO book *might* be able to build chapter 5, I'm still not finished 
with the chap5 toolchain though:


"Neo" is the greek word for "New" in case any of you were wondering.

I've renamed the "pass?" toolchain build stages (in hlfs they were "cross" and 
"native") to "Embryo", "Cocoon", and "Butterfly". I think this is appropriate 
so not to conflict with GCC's "stage1,2,3", and to distinguish between LFS's 
"pass1,2" because these three HLFS toolchain build stages use a combined 
tree. Sterile names like "stage" and "pass" are more traditional but I think 
these organic names have a nice symbolism which makes them suitable...

Embryo is a clean vanilla toolchain. It has no patches or modifications. If 
your build fails here then its not the fault of HLFS.. its something wrong 
with your host environment (its not fertile and can't reproduce). Embryo is 
the foundation for Cocoon.

Cocoon is the toolchain used to build the chroot environment. It's a 
transitional and temporary toolchain, and will be discarded later.

Butterfly is the liberated mature and final toolchain.

I find the symbolism a bit scary :-)

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