Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jul 20 04:51:56 PDT 2006

Here's the work-in-progress BROKEN glibc-book (xml source, html objects, and 
new patches):


Refer to lfs-svn and hlfs-unstable(official-unstable) for missing commands, 
patches, etc.

I'm still working on pass1 and pass2 tools. See the changelog.

Note: Binutils can not install to /tools when configured with --enable-shared 
because it will be linked to /lib/ld-linux.so, /lib/libc.so 
and /tools/lib/libbfd.so and when glibc installs /tools/lib/ld-linux.so the 
binutils utilities are linked to /lib/ld-linux.so and /tools/lib/libc.so, and 
the programs crash because of missing symbols. I suspect LFS already knows 
about this. Binutils compiles with --disable-shared by default, and GCC 
compiles with --enable-shared by default, so using neither --disable-shared 
or --enabled-shared works they way we (including LFS) want with both 
packages... and so the two packages can be built in a combined tree, which is 
how the NEO-book does it.

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