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Robert Connolly robert at
Tue Jul 18 04:39:04 PDT 2006

Hello. I want to thank all the HLFS users for their patience while waiting for 
the new tools and glibc, and for waiting for a -stable release candidate. I'm 
on a stay-at-home vacation until July 30th, and I should be able to get the 
book updated well by then. I have started editing an offline copy of hlfs-svn 
which adds the new toolchain, a new header file that hardcodes GCC specs 
which now include -fPIE and -DFORTIFY_SOURCE=2. With the new specs, and a 
very small trivial patch for glibc, all the glibc utilities can be compiled 
as shared objects and we don't need to build glibc with -no-pie anymore... we 
should have a 100% pic system now. I'm also working with the GCC top level 
makefile build system and plan to start using it just for Binutils and GCC 
for now. I've also adopted the clfs kernel headers. And I think I'll be able 
to eliminate the installation of libc-headers and cross compiling. I think it 
will work to simply add a few definitions to /tools/share/ like 

host=$(uname -m)-tools-linux-uclibc

if you want to build hlfs-uclibc from a glibc system. This isn't cross 
compiling but I don't think it will matter, and it makes our temporary tools 
much cleaner.

When I get chapter 5 working with gcc-4.1 and glibc-2.4 I'll post a url to the 
unfinished book to provide a preview.

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