Toolchain upgrades

Robert Connolly robert at
Mon Jul 3 18:41:08 PDT 2006

I have attached experimental differences to build HLFS with gcc-4.1.1 and 
uclibc-20060613. Comments are welcome.

gcc-4.1.1 has a demented check for "__stack_chk_fail in target GNU C library". 
Setting gcc_cv_libc_provides_ssp=yes is pretty much the only way to use 
uClibc's ssp with gcc-4.1.1; and it doesn't hurt with Glibc either, 
especially when installing to /tools.

I like the idea of tossing in a 'make bootstrap' somewhere, either in chapter 
5 or 6. Many host systems may be using gcc-3.2 or gcc-3.3, and a proper 
bootstrap would help assure the gcc-4.1.1 compiler is compiled correctly. 
Doing this in chapter 5 is more traditional, but in chapter 6 a 
profiledbootstrap is more convenient.

Also, I noticed binutils-2.16.93 (and binutils- are more sensitive 
to CFLAGS than before.



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