nice(1) level during build

Sebastian Faulborn sfaulborn at
Mon Jul 3 06:55:21 PDT 2006

>Hi. I just regained use of my system after 'make bootstrap' of gcc-4.1.1, with 
>uClibc-0.9.28 and linux-, when it consumed all resources for about 30 
>minutes, and slowly gave resources back for 20 minutes after. I had a load 
>average of 8 (new record), used all 1GB of ram, used all 1GB of swap, and all 
>3ghz of cpu.
>I would like to suggest we start using 'nice -n 19 su - hlfs', and 'nice -n 
>19 /tools/bin/bash' for chroot, unless anyone has objections.

If your system has a load of 8, uses all main memory and swap (!) just by running
a single application (make bootstrap), then there must be something seriously wrong!

I have not tried gcc-4.1.1, but sofar all builds consumed at the most all main
memory, no swap (at most 100kB), and a load of maybe 1.5.

So I rather prefered to fix the problem rather than setting nice levels.
Normally a load of 8 signals a dead machine and is
out of discussion for a production server (talking about single processor 
machines). Allthough HLFS is not normally build on a production system - there
is definitively something wrong!

Sebastian Faulborn

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