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Sun Jul 2 00:50:56 PDT 2006

El Domingo, 2 de Julio de 2006 02:34, Jason Stevens escribió:

> It's still gonna die.  The book wants binutils-2.17-pt_pax-1.patch,
> which is not available yet (from the script's preferred sites, or
> manually from  I
> see an available binutils-2.16.1-pt_pax-1.patch, so I'll try renaming
> that accordingly and see if it'll apply, and if so if it will build and
> what the tests do...

jhalfs may fail on some build steps with the HLFS SVN book due other current 
and in-progress changes (also CLFS builds will fail).

We will try to fix it ASAP.

> Seems like it would be simpler to download a canonical svn-20060510
> book, point jhalfs at it, and go.  I was expecting to see something I
> recognized from 'svn list svn://', but
> no dice.  As work on the book progresses, how does one access earlier
> versions?

You can use revision numbers to fetch an old book version. For example:

svn co -r6549 svn://

will download svn-20060510.

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