building hlfs with jhalfs

Jason Stevens jastev at
Sat Jul 1 17:34:55 PDT 2006

George Boudreau wrote:
> How about I give you the md5sum for the patch. It looks like the book
> does not match the patch.
> <!ENTITY coreutils-suppress_uptime_kill_su-patch-md5
> "227d41a6d0f13c31375153eae91e913d">

Yeah, I'd gotten as far as running md5sum on the patch I had downloaded,
but I was uncertain whether or not I should consider patches.ent to be
authoritative or not.

>   Re-run the script but make sure you _do not_ request a 'cleaning' of
> the build directory. (ie. no -R) and you should pick up the coreutils
> patch should validate.

It's still gonna die.  The book wants binutils-2.17-pt_pax-1.patch,
which is not available yet (from the script's preferred sites, or
manually from  I
see an available binutils-2.16.1-pt_pax-1.patch, so I'll try renaming
that accordingly and see if it'll apply, and if so if it will build and
what the tests do...

Seems like it would be simpler to download a canonical svn-20060510
book, point jhalfs at it, and go.  I was expecting to see something I
recognized from 'svn list svn://', but
no dice.  As work on the book progresses, how does one access earlier


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