building hlfs with jhalfs

Jason Stevens jastev at
Sat Jul 1 14:37:59 PDT 2006

George -

I have what I hope isn't a dumb question about jhalfs, which probably
relies on some knowledge of the HLFS svn repository (which I don't have).

The current published version of HLFS is svn-20060510.  This is what is
rendered online, etc.  However, jhalfs pulls the development sources
from svn, at least by default.  I know how to point jhalfs at a
different book, if I had already checked it out, but I haven't.  It
turns out that the development sources have been updated recently (at
the least, coreutils was upgraded 6/29, it looks like changes are
continuing), and jhalfs doesn't appear to be able to build it from
scratch (coretils patches for 5.97 from don't match
the md5 checksum, etc).

I poked around with svn and didn't see any tags in the HLFS tree that
corresponded with svn-20060510, so I don't see a way (which doesn't mean
that there isn't one) to check out that version of the book.  So:  is
there a way to point jhalfs at such a version from the repository, or
can you tell me the path in the repository to books other than the current?

Thanks in advance,


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