virtual memory exhausted (uclibc and linux-2.6.14)

Dermot Bradley bradley at
Wed Jan 25 02:36:18 PST 2006

> Maybe try enabling the uClibc option to use glibc compatible malloc.

I just changed "make" for 3.81beta4 as a Google on "virtual memory
exhausted" showed several mentions of changes/improvements to make to try
and avoid this type of error (apparently Suse and Debian patch the "fix"
back into 3.80). I then kicked off Ch.6 again and it got past the kernel
"make modules_install" although "top" showed that free memory dropped down
to just over 50Mb free on my 1.5Gb machine (swap hardly ever seems to get
used since I moved to 2.6 kernel).

I'm not sure if the new make help with the problem - I ran this Ch.6 build
just from a linux console - normally I have X.Org and Gnome running so
maybe it got by just because Gnome etc weren't using memory.

I'll check my uClibc config tonight and retry with your suggestion...

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