Tree of HLFS base?

Dermot Bradley bradley at
Mon Jan 9 19:26:31 PST 2006

Hi there

> > An easy way to get a minimal system is a kernel plus busybox; if
> > you're adamant about omitting every utility you don't actually have
> > to have, you can use busybox's configuration system to omit all the
> > modules you decide you don't want.
> Perfect.  Any tips on building it under HLFS?

I've been using Busybox with LFSfor a while and more recently with

I originally tried building Busybox early in Ch.6 instead of
Coreutils/Findutils etc but found that varios package's used obsure
command options for various utilities that Busybox's versions did now at the end of Ch. 6 I build Busybox to replace stock
sed/find/init/etc with the smaller alternatives.

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