HLFS-uClibc SVN (8th Jan) - Ch.5 failing with pthread problems at gcc "make check"

Dermot Bradley bradley at tangram.nildram.co.uk
Mon Jan 9 20:24:13 PST 2006

I just updated my HLFS-uClibc profile to the latest version (previously
using 6-month old version of SVN).

I got as far as "flex" in Ch.5 when one of the tests failed with a
segmentation fault during a pthread test.

Looking back through my logs the 1st sign of problem was actually when
"make -k check" was run on GCC in Ch.5.

The following tests (all pthread) are failing which worked with my
previous build:

-: FAIL: thread/pthread1.cc execution test
-: FAIL: thread/pthread2.cc execution test
-: FAIL: thread/pthread3.cc execution test
-: FAIL: thread/pthread4.cc execution test
-: FAIL: thread/pthread5.cc execution test
-: FAIL: thread/pthread6.cc execution test
-: FAIL: thread/pthread7-rope.cc execution test

I don't see any obvious problems leading up to these test failures.

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