X-6.9 SORTED, DRI Modules error, magic numbers?

Declan Moriarty junk_mail at iol.ie
Thu Jan 19 10:54:08 PST 2006

Recently, Somebody Somewhere wrote these words
> > For the afficianados, I don't have DRI on my radeon 7000. I'm
> > getting an error from libGL.so, and will chase that later.  -- 
> I remember getting some similar problem in the past.It is one of
> the major reasons why I decided to build an unhardened uClibc
> system (to see if that was part of the problem).  Perhaps
> another hardened option needs to be removed during the libdrm or
> mesa installations, much like the -nonow solution, may be needed
> here.
> Also, now that you have Xorg 6.9 running; whenever you get
> around to it, let me know if you get either of the following to
> work:
> Mozilla 1.7.12 (or even firefox from the same package): -
> installed as per blfs directions - 
>  I keep getting segfaults on mozilla-bin and on the regxpcom,
>  regchrome. (I will run gdb on all of these later).
> xine-lib: Worked fine under the unhardened uClibc with X11R6,
> but ever since I switched to X11R7, I cannot get it to compile.
> On my first layout, without the /usr/X11R7 directory, it could
> not find the xvmc or xxmc libraries.  With the /usr/X11R7 it
> stopped at a different point with some other error that I don't
> remember at the moment.

I get one hour max in the evenings to put a compile cooking these
days. It's just kinda busy, as I have to be in an old system for
OO. I'll get to java, firefox, and try OO. What do you do with

For the radeon, I gather I have to build X with the kernel modules
correctly installed. I grabbed common-20051220-linux.i386.tar.bz2
& radeon-20051220-linux.i386.tar.bz2 from the DRI site and set
going in them. Then the intention is to rebuild Xorg-6.9 from a
fresh tarball, and check my instructions. After I hacked the
install scripts, 

     type -p instead of which (stops the 'can't find sed' error)
     adding -no-pie -fno-stack-protector to the $CC variable

And pretended to be a "SuSE" box (SuSE hasn't got these now :-o)
cp <kernel-source>/include/linux/version.h /boot/vmlinux.version.h
cp <kernel-source>/include/linux/autoconf.h /boot/vmlinuz.autoconf.h
cp <kernel-source>/.config /boot/vmlinuz.config

I finally got compiled & installed them both. I got this

-bash-3.00# modprobe drm
drm: version magic ' K7 GRSECURITY gcc-3.4'
should be ' K7 GRSECURITY gcc-3.3'
FATAL: Error inserting drm
Invalid module format

-bash-3.00# modprobe radeon
drm: version magic ' K7 GRSECURITY gcc-3.4'
should be ' K7 GRSECURITY gcc-3.3'
WARNING: Error inserting drm
Invalid module format
radeon: version magic ' K7 GRSECURITY gcc-3.4'
should be ' K7 GRSECURITY gcc-3.3'
FATAL: Error inserting radeon
Invalid module format

I can't find where it's getting gcc-3.3. Where does it get a
'magic number'? Throw me a bone, please, someone.

There is gcc-3.3.1 here, on LFS5. I started the hlfs with lfs5, but
ran into animal problems getting past square 1 and so used my
(pretty unused) LFS-6.0, which has gcc-3.4.1. IIRC, I wiped
completely before starting over (ALFS wants to make the
directories and all, and craps out if mkdir doesn't write).
I used the profile from SVN for this. So where did it get gcc-3.3?

/goes away, mystified & still hunting

	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.

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