Xorg 6.9.0 SORTED under hlfs

Kevin Day drealin01 at cox.net
Wed Jan 18 16:48:49 PST 2006

> For the afficianados, I don't have DRI on my radeon 7000. I'm
> getting an error from libGL.so, and will chase that later.
> -- 

I remember getting some similar problem in the past.It is
 one of the major reasons why I decided to build an 
unhardened uClibc system (to see if that was part of the 
problem).  Perhaps another hardened option needs to be 
removed during the libdrm or mesa installations, much like 
the -nonow solution, may be needed here.

Also, now that you have Xorg 6.9 running; whenever you get around to it, let me know if you get either of the following to work:

Mozilla 1.7.12 (or even firefox from the same package):
  - installed as per blfs directions - 

 I keep getting segfaults on mozilla-bin and on the regxpcom, regchrome. (I will run gdb on all of these later).

 Worked fine under the unhardened uClibc with X11R6, but ever since I switched to X11R7, I cannot get it to compile.  On my first layout, without the /usr/X11R7 directory, it could not find the xvmc or xxmc libraries.  With the /usr/X11R7 it stopped at a different point with some other error that I don't remember at the moment.

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