HLFS-uClibc, module-init-tools is installing in /usr/local

George Boudreau GeorgeB at Linux.ca
Wed Jan 18 14:19:37 PST 2006

   test/runtest is the culprit.. notice the call to .configure. It
rebuilds the makefile for its own purposes.

for config in --enable-zlib --disable-zlib; do
    echo Building with $config...
    ./configure $config CFLAGS="-DJUST_TESTING -g -Wall" >/dev/null
    make clean >/dev/null
    # ismod.static doesn't build with -DJUST_TESTING and --enable-zlib
    make insmod.static >/dev/null 2>&1 || touch insmod.static
    make all >/dev/null

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