Xorg 6.9.0 SORTED under hlfs

Declan Moriarty junk_mail at iol.ie
Wed Jan 18 12:29:18 PST 2006

Recently, Somebody Somewhere wrote these words

> Would removing %{!nonow,-z now} in the link_pie section of the
> gcc specs file fix your problem. You can always rerun the
> hardened-specs.sh to correct the spec file when you are done or
> if it doesn't work.

It Did! Thx.

Right. I finally have a working Xorg-6.9.0. This is built, and
installed under hlfs.

Extra steps required (in ~/xc):

1. -nonow patch from xorg-6.8.2 (1 hunk applied) was used. I really
don't know if it was needed. I had to go another way around the
link issue anyhow, so I doubt if it was. All other sections
patched in 6.8.2 have modifications - patches applied or code

2. All sed commands as per the book for 6.8.2 were used. These
provide hardening, running around code that isn't up to it.

3. touch config/imake/imakemdep_cpp.h before the lndir stage.
This stops an error looking for the file in imake. Any sed to
remove it might be messy. Probably if it was run twice, it would
be destructive. 

4. Kevin Day's Mesa-stop-asking patch. This applies from 2
directories in, in the extras/Mesa directory 
(patch -Np1 ../../../ etc). Otherwise Mesa fails to build.

5. Kevin Day's agpgart.h sed commands. These, incidentally, point
to some deficiency with the kernel header files, or else the
interpetation of them under hlfs. There's a thread on

6. Bruce's modifications (detailed above)to the link_pie section of
/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.4.4/specs which will require
rerunning of the hardened specs.sh script. Otherwise modules fail
to load. 

7. In xc/programs/xdm: "sed -e '/RPCLIB =/d' -i Imakefile" otherwise
xdm craps out. Necessary before any make instructions, which
transfer it to the Makefile. You are now finished in xc

8. This process (from xc/)
	cd ..
	install -d xcbuild/exports/include/X11 (making 4 dirs)
	cd xcbuild
	lndir ../xc
to make xcbuild, and exports/include/X11, which X fails to do.
That is where includes are linked to, and includes are
consequently not found. The first error is looking for Xlib.h

I was then left with no xterm built - why, I don't know, and the
one in xorg-6.9 didn't want to stand up on it's own. So I built
the xterm from xorg-7.0.0  as per Kevin's compile-xorg script and just 
installed it. There may be a define missing, although docs say it
should be built by default :-o. The key phrases in
programs/Imakefile are 

#if BuildXterm
     XTERMSRCDIR = xterm

It might be worth adding that define to the host.def (The host.def
from xorg-6.8.2 was used)
#define BuildXterm YES
as it only shows in xorgsite.def, which may not be read.

Xorg intends to continue offering monolithic builds, but the
modular tree will be more up to date at any point. They say the
source for both is the same, but I have found one or two spots
where it isn't. Notably some outdated postscript reading utility
is shipped with xorg-6.9 but not built, whereas it isn't shipped
with 7.0.

The way for the book to go might best  be to build the last
monolithic build and update from there to the latest versions in
the modular tree. 

For the afficianados, I don't have DRI on my radeon 7000. I'm
getting an error from libGL.so, and will chase that later.

	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.

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