HLFS-uClibc, module-init-tools is installing in /usr/local

Dermot Bradley tangram at nildram.co.uk
Tue Jan 17 21:05:02 PST 2006

> LFS-unstable is using the same module-init-tools version, and same
> ./configure command. It doesn't make sense if they're installing to
> different places.

I've had a look at LFS-SVN and yes they also do:

   ./configure --prefix=/ --enable-zlib

however they do this *AFTER* the "make check" (which I do in my HLFS
build) and the LFS document says:

   "note that the make distclean command is required to clean up
    the source tree, as the source gets recompiled as part of the
    testing process"

So they do 2 configures whereas HLFS-uClibc-SVN does just the 1 configure
before the (optional) "make check".

So I guess the "make check" may be screwing things up......

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