Xorg 6.9 LD/GCC questions

Declan Moriarty junk_mail at iol.ie
Mon Jan 16 22:49:04 PST 2006

Still wondering what I'm doing wrong with Xorg-6.9.0


grepping the Makefiles for LD (egrep -r '\bLD\b' *) all through
the X Server shows me this

 LD = gcc -m32 -nostdlib

As cpu cycles are cheap, I'd like to change that. I'm left with

1. Can I pass the equivelant of --with-gnu-ld to X and try again
with any hope of success?

2. Is that an acceptable linker instruction?

3. Does it consequently ignore other LDFLAGS (There seem to be
$LOCAL_LDFLAGS & $MODLDFLAGS options in the Makefiles for me to

4. Given that the problem seems to be linker options, has anyone
got a better cocktail to try?



	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.

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