Compiling Modular Xorg 7

Kevin Day drealin01 at
Sun Jan 15 20:33:19 PST 2006

> If you haven't got past the module loading error (Now bug #5585)
> it will be academic to install, because of the brokenness of
> dlloader on hardened systems. If that's beaten, Tell me how!

There is an option in the settings file of the PBGxorg 
scripts called "HS_NONOW". In theory (and probably very poor
 theory) the HS_NONOW="export LDBIND_FLAGS='-nonow'" will 
fix that problem.  The scripts will pass this option to all of the video & input drivers only.  With some luck, that 
might work..

As soon as I get myself a free computer to dedicate to the
 hardened specs, I'll be able to fool with this.  (It will 
also be much better for me to debug with two separate builds
 in parallel, identical except for one's hardened and the 
others not.)

-- Note --
Unfortunately, I have failed to get Direct Rendering, yet 
again.  This time I am using the Mesa properly (make 
linux-dri-x86)  It still nicer as even on software rendering
 I am seeing glxgears go 100fps faster.  The make linux + 
glxgears produced about 250fps and the make linux-dri-x86 
produced 350fps, so even if I am not using hardware, it is 
at least notably faster.

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