Compiling Modular Xorg 7

Kevin Day drealin01 at
Sat Jan 14 18:36:16 PST 2006

Took me a while, but you should see as to why.

Okay, I worked on two main install types: minimal & maximum.
The scripts are done in bash to reduce dependancies.
They also know when a package has/has not been installed, so if there is an error, simple run the scipts again and it 
will pick up where left off.

minimal is mostly complete, I am having trouble finding which package installs the program 't' so the fonts can
 use.  At the last minute I noticed a couple of 
libraries that may fix that. So it may work.

You still have to make your own /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.

PBXorg = Project Build Xorg.  I don't expect it to actually become an actual project, but it helps keep the files 

Here are the following files and what they are for:
build = contains actual script to auto-handle the installation, nothing should 
need tweaking here.
install = loads the necessary files and invokes install proccess.  to install, 
simply type: ./install minimal or ./install maximum.  (You will have to make a 
symbolic link to /usr/X11R7/X11 from /usr/include/X11 as well as: /usr/X11R7/GL 
from /usr/include/GL, if choosing to install to /usr/X11R7 instead of /usr)
maximum = Everything is installed here, scan for any comments while developing, only one file is not installed
due to bugs: xconsole)

minimal = experimental minimal installation.
notes = contains various notes I made during testing and devoping the script.
settings = Has comments on what everu settings is, tweak it for your system.
x-programs = list of all programs and their versions for scripts to work.

links-*.patch (external) - To get links web browser to work with X support, when Xorg is installed to /usr/X11R7. (UPSTREAM STATUS = sent & waiting for approval)
linux_agpart_xorg_fixes-1.patch - apply this yourself or edit the settings file to have it do so.
Mesa-2005-*.patch - necessary
Mesa-6.4.1-fix_X11_path-1.patch - necessary (UPSTREAM STATUS = sent to xorg-modular)

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