Ugly `make modules_install` script

Tha D0od d0odman at
Sat Jan 14 07:43:43 PST 2006

This isn't really a script.  Just a four line listing of what I did to get 
my modules to install.  From what I understand in the kernel makefile (and I 
don't really understand much), this is what it does.

First, I do a `make modules_install` to get /lib/modules set up with the 
symbolic links and the kernel directory in it.  Then I do a couple of find 
commands to get the .ko files and their directory names.  Then I make those 
directories in /lib/modules/, and copy the .ko files 
there.  Finally, I do a depmod to get the modules found by the kernel on 

This has worked for me, and I doubt it's very proper.  I don't have a 
mission critical production server I'm using it on, and I don't believe a 
mission critical production server would be using modules anyway.  Is there 
some work being done towards a patch for that 'virtual memory exhausted' bug 
in make 3.80 for the next book?  The CVS snapshot I grabbed and compiled 
seemed to have fixed that problem, but when I was looking for a solution to 
that problem through an 'official' patch, I didn't come up with anything.

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