/etc/random-seed issue in blfs-bootscripts-20051121-hlfs-1.patch

Tobias Stoeckmann tobias at bugol.de
Fri Jan 13 21:39:14 PST 2006

> I put it in /etc because some people have /var on a different partition (like 
> me). In /etc the random-seed file is always available. Slackware does the 
> same thing for the same reason.

The file /etc/random-seed would be useless, if it is created this way. Just
do a "grep /etc/random-seed /etc/rc.d/init.d/*" and you will see that there
exists only one line:

/bin/install -m0600 -o0 /dev/null /etc/random-seed

First off I thought this would be kind of backup, but it's created out of
/dev/null (that's not very random, is it)? When I execute
"file /etc/random-seed" it's "/etc/random-seed: empty".

So it ends up with an empty file that will be created but never have get
accessed. Perhaps it should be /dev/urandom instead of /dev/null?

Tobias Stoeckmann

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