HLFS-uClibc SVN - build problem spotted and resolved

Dermot Bradley bradley at tangram.nildram.co.uk
Thu Jan 12 11:32:05 PST 2006

Hi folks

I updated my HLFS-uClibc profile last week to revise it from SVN as of Oct
to the 8th Jan version.

When I build it again it failed in Ch.5 flex during the "make check" stage
- the failed tests were all to do with pthreads. I then searched backwards
through my build logs and discovered that gcc in Ch.5 has also failed
numerous pthread tests (but as it'd use a "make check | exit 0" it had
continued on).

I changed the "sed" command in uClibc in Ch.5 to NOT use
"-fomit-frame-pointer' and rebuilt again. This time it failed in Ch.6
flex...same test failure. I then made the same change to Ch.6 uClibc to
not use "-fomit-frame-pointer" and rebuilt again..........the flex test in
Ch.6 then also passed.

So it looks like the HLFS-uClibc SVN book should be changed to NOT suggest
compiling uClibc with "-fomit-frame-pointer".

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